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Californians 2 Amend Three Strikes

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Sample Support Letter for Michael and 3 Strikes 

I have been asked to post a letter for 3 Strikes - so here is just one that we have presently. We would also like to thank other members of Patrick Crusade for their letters and we will keep all informed as to the status of Michael's upcoming hearing. Respectfully, Michael & Roberta Robles Founders of C.A.T.S. Californians 2 Amend 3 Strikes "The Transition for Freedom"





There is a growing opposition in this country to the Three Strikes Laws. They're inherently unfair and not doing what the people expected them to do. For non serious offenders to get 25 years to life is an outrage. If the system doesn't get control of itself in terms of the numbers of people its sending away for draconian sentencing due to minor offenses, that control will come from outside. No one in the system wants to see that day. Here in Illinois and many other states, we're aware of how California has mis-used the Three Strikes Laws. We know of the "Nut Case" among others. This letter is in fact in particular support of Mihcael P. Robles, who received 25 years to life in the "Macadamia Nut case", even though Mr. Robles had no history of violence. 

Having covered ABA meetings for several years, I know that there is great concern among legal circles about these laws. We ordinary citizens who were told that we as a society would gain greater control over violent crime as a result of the Three Strikes Laws are feeling duped and cheated. Now that we're finding out that the violent offenders are actually getting off to make room for these non-violent but three-strikers, we're going into backlash mode and will strike out at our legislators and judicial system. We have heard that you, Governor Davis, were elected because Californians felt that you had a cool head and cared about justice over supporting hysteria and the prison industry. We are watching, hoping you'll take the lead in this area so you can serve as an example to the governors of other states. 

Respectfully, Gale Aherns The Patrick Crusade Just Cause for Legal Revolution Justice Action Coalition 

cc; Lt. Cruz Bustamontes State Capitol Bldg. Rm 1114 Sacramento, Ca. 95814 

Attorney General Bill Lockyear 1300 "I" Street Sacramento, Ca. 95814 

Mr. Louis Hiken, Esq. 368 Hayes St. San Francisco, Ca. 94102

 Roberta Robles 2729 N. Bristol, B5-112 Santa Ana, Ca. 92706 

Governor Davis's E-Mail
Here is the governor's e-mail for those who want to e-mail him for what he is not doing as he promised. 
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Last modified: November 02, 1999