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Californians 2 Amend Three Strikes

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Patrick Swiney

Patrick Swiney is being held in an Alabama Prison and is being abused and if we do not as citizens take a stand and write to the Appellate Courts, etc. on his behalf he could die there. Please go to Patrick Crusade Discussion List  and read what is happening to Our Brother or visit the website at . The cystem once again is trying to harm another human being. His wife Taoss needs all of our support. PLEASE do not sit idle, read about Our Brother, then take pen in hand and BE OUTRAGED AND WRITE.  - Michael & Roberta Robles Founders of C.A.T.S. and Bente Nyseth Co Founder

Free Andrea Mimms

"FREE ANDREA MIMMS" PLEASE, Go to  Her husband Rick has updated this site for those of you who have visited it, and for those who have, VISIT IT and then PLEASE lets all HELP, FREE ANDREA MIMMS


How much longer will we sit by and not take a stand on what is happening to our prisoners? We as a Nation are appalled at what is going on in Kosovo, but Jimmy Dieso, CDC# 21084 in the facility at Vacaville, California is being tortured. FACT: Jimmy left in an overflow of sewage from another cell, no mattress, blanket, for days, freezing cold. FACT: 11pt. restraints used on Jimmy for 7 days, 1/99. This is against ANY law. FACT: Medication not distributed to Jimmy properly. FACT: Warden Ana M. Ramirez Parker takes no responsibility for this GROSS MISTREATMENT OF THIS HUMAN BEING. FACT: Warden Ana M. Ramirez Parker is moving Jimmy to Corcoran to TAKE THE HEAT OFF OF HER INCOMPETENCE AND CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT TO THIS HUMAN BEING. FACT: This warden needs to be removed, she is a disgrace as a person, sub-human individual that she is. Jimmy is a mentally ill human being that needs help and this is not happening. CALL YOUR SENATORS LODGE YOUR COMPLAINTS AGAINST THIS PERSON AND CALL/WRITE GOVERNOR DAVIS, and PRAY he does something. Roberta Robles CALIFORNIANS 2 AMEND 3 STRIKES C.A.T.S. "The Transition for Freedom"

The Wrongful Conviction of Arthur Carmona

Again, the Criminal Justice Cyst'm convicts a young man for an Armed Robbery based on a "HAT". Now this is absolutely disgusting, but this is good ole boys Orange County. Now this young man was sentenced to 12 years for a crime he did not commit. I say this based on a juror who stated on a television interview that she was pressured into reaching a "guilty" verdict, and it appears there is yet another juror who has come forward and stated the same thing. YET, the D.A.'s office refuses to budge on this issue. WHY one might ask? Well the answer is simple, the cyst'm does not care if one is innocent, they only care about getting a conviction and not having egg on their faces. The cyst'm is completely out of control, period and we the people must take a stand against a corrupt cyst'm. This young man does not belong doing 12 years in a prison for a crime he did not commit, based on the police putting a "hat" on his head and because it fit, he is guilty. NOT!! The witness could not testify that Arthur Carmona was the one who committed the crime, and surely the witness would know, wouldn't they?? Now if we think this cannot happen, that innocent people do not go to prison, WRONG, look at those released from Death Row in this country who by the research and hearts of Law Students were found innocent. This has got to stop, we must have justice for Arthur Carmona, which equates to FREEDOM! Roberta Robles Founder of CALIFORNIANS 2 AMEND 3 STRIKES (C.A.T.S.)

Governor Davis's E-Mail
Here is the governor's e-mail for those who want to e-mail him for what he is not doing as he promised. 
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Last modified: November 05, 1999