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Californians 2 Amend Three Strikes

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The following are some ways and issues that need your involvement.  

Petitions for SB 873, SB 79, and AB 1247

C.A.T.S. will be forwarding their Petitions to all members and whoever wants them in support of SB 873, SB 79 and AB 1247 to amend the 3 Strikes Law as it was intended to be and not as it is presently being used now. We need all the support we can get now to make the Governor aware that WE THE PEOPLE want this law changed as it was originally intended to be. We are calling on ALL people to write to Governor Davis and their Senators/Assemblypersons and the media. After all, the recent study by Vincent Schiraldi of the Criminal Justice Policy Institute has just proven that we have the Non Violent, Non Serious Offender in prison doing 25 years to life and not the violent offenders. So PLEASE get involved.  Let us know if you need addresses to write too or want a petition  - contact 


Native American Rights

As many may or may not be aware the Religious Rights of the Native American Indian Prisoners is still being violated. Is it not time for all of this to stop?? Contact Senator Baca who last year introduced a bill in relation to their Religious Rights and support this bill, for if they continue to do this behind the walls, it will overflow to us out here in the free world, and do not think it won't, it will. As it is the Brothers are being forced to cut their hair and even those who are not Native American Indian but have long hair are being forced to cut their hair. Now we all know what all of this is leading up to it is called CONTROL, but more so, they are violating Human Rights, so please let your voices be heard call Sen. Baca's office in Sacramento, get out the word, you are a voter/taxpayer, let your voice be heard. Aho, Lil Widlflower Robles

Writ of Haebus on Grooming Standards in California' Prisons

Presently we have a Writ of Habeas Petition addressing the issue of the Religious Freedom Act in the prisons here in the State of California. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this please contact us at (714) 685-9746 Lil Wildflower

Governor Davis's E-Mail
Here is the governor's e-mail for those who want to e-mail him for what he is not doing as he promised. 
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Last modified: November 02, 1999