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Californians 2 Amend Three Strikes

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City Gets Rich off of Prisoners

The City of Corcoran was the 2nd fastest growing city from 1997-1998 due to the NEW prison, CSATF, Corcoran. This facility was NOT to treat Drug Addicts as depicted, just another prison. The city of Corcoran receives another $84,500.00 to the City Treasury under the State Allocation formula that rates the prisoners as part of the city's or county's general population. City Mgr. Don Pauley stated, "It's as close to free money as you can get". This is absolutely disgusting and until we the taxpayers wake up and start really making our voices heard, cities, like Corcoran will thrive off of the myth of CSATF as a "Drug Treatment Facility". It is not, I have been there it is a prison and fast becoming a "Maximum Security Prison". The media has portrayed it as having the "worst of the worst" in CSATF. Which is an out and out lie. Again, "Enough is Enough".  by Roberta Robles

Governor Davis's E-Mail
Here is the governor's e-mail for those who want to e-mail him for what he is not doing as he promised. 
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Last modified: November 02, 1999