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Every living being is subject to the "natural law" of Wakan Tanka, The Great Spirit, which is order, balance and harmony.  It does not matter what race or set of ideas, the sun sets in the west and rises in the east, on the black, the white, red and yellow nations; on the Catholic, Communist and Christian.  The effects of the four seasons are experienced by the aspen, the eagle, the two-legged and the four-legged.   All life is one with the same source, there are many differences and each is unique.  This is the one reason why we call The Great Spirit "The Great Mystery."  We who strive for harmony and balance with one another, with the natural way of The Great Spirit are said to walk softly on Mother Earth, to walk on The Red Road.  It is a path - a way.  

But there's more to The Red Road than spoken or written words...It's behavior, attitude, a way of living and doing with reverence.  Walking strong yet softly, so as to not harm or disturb other life.  In speaking of our way of life, The Red Road, we speak of life itself: air, water, earth, sky, sun, moon, rock, plant, animal, the four winds, the four seasons and the universal thread of all life is breath - without it all life ceases. Animals, plants, ever rocks breathe the source of all breath, The Great Breath is The Great Spirit, which breathes individualized spirit as unique souls and creations are all related, we are held accountable for the way we live, the manner in which we breathe.  .The Red Road shows us how and where to walk, softly, strongly, not treading on other life.  Knowledge of the Creator, of the "Great Mystery" of life is hidden in everything created, whether person, animal, plant, or rock, each as a message or lesson to be learned  - we call it medicine power.  

The purpose of ceremony is to celebrate life and sharpen our perception and intuition (Shanta-Ista).  The mind is both a servant and a trickster.  We must search for direct communication with the spirit, we will learn about life from the source of creation which is more powerful than scientific theology, doctrine or dogma of the mind.  Some people want to learn about our philosophy or culture or religion, but there is no philosophy, dogma or religion.  I have learned and very much respect that our way of life is life itself, a living relationship and realization we call "The Red Road".  I shall continue to walk The Red Road and hunger for the knowledge and wisdom of our sacred ways.   - By Mucsuss. 

Michael's Poems

When? - By, Michael Robles April 18, 1999

Frosty is my dog, Roberta is my wife, Rick and Anna are friends, I'm proud to have in my life. 

I miss all of them, And other things too, Just give me a moment, And I'll tell it to you. 

I miss sharing quiet times, in Roberta's warm embrace, I miss jogging with Frosty, Which often is a race. 

I miss hearing Roberta's laughter, As we took Frosty for a walk... While planning a weekend getaway, or having an intimate talk.

I miss Frosty's bark as we played around the yard... I even miss getting all greasy, as I worked on my cars. 

I miss helping Roberta clean house and cooking for her too... I miss our friends Rick and Anna, and sharing a Bar-B-Q. 

I miss hearing the birds morining songs, The smell of the morning dew...

 I miss Roberta's voice telling me, "Sweetheart, I'm in love with you". 

Yeah, I miss alot of things, My friends, my dog, my wife... 

Can anyone please tell me, When can I have back my life? 


The Judicial System does not try to rehabilitate...they only want to incarcerate!

They deform the reform, they choose to impair instead of repair

"Debilitate" don't Rehabilitate!

So why not call it the "Prison University" - after all, they do enroll more than parole

And it hurts.  It hurts not being able to walk in the sun with the one you love ---

It hurts being without privacy --it hurts being locked up in a cage

It hurts going hungry at hurts being someone's paycheck

It hurts being away from my wife--it hurts being restricted from life

Where's the rehabilitation?  There is none - only Incarceration!


Growing Thoughts of A Man -  M. "Mucsuss" Robles (A Cherokee Indian/A Man) 10/27/99

Prison wears hard on the mind, Body and Soul 

Making the young, sometimes feel old; Making the Old, sometimes feeling so lost 

Doing time for the crime, is the ultimate cost. 

As I sit, I think, "Was it really worth it?" 

As an addict looks for his next fix- A thief searches for his next prey- And a gang-banger lives another day. 

We all try to stay a lil bit stronger, Still doing Crime, Knowing sentences get longer.

 Where does it lead, where does it end? When will we learn to change the trend?

 How much will it cost? Will we give up our loss? 

To make a new way- For enjoying a care"Free day? 

No longer running from the police, Nor returning to the "Belly of the Beast". 

Joy, Happiness, and Freedom is all I seek, For wanting that, some may call me weak.

 When will it end-where will it cease? When will we discover eternal peace? Will death in prison be our final rest? Or will we realize that Freedom is best?

 I'm tired of Prison life, lived it for too long, With only distant memories of days long gone... Often wondering, "How can this be"? Now all I want is just to be Free!

 Sometimes I feel, so all alone, Even tho' I know soon I'll be home... Never again to be a lone-single-man, Amid thousands in a murderous land. 

Yes, I've left from behind these walls before, Never knew what my future had in store. But now I know-I truly understand, To be free-I just gotta be "A Man". 


Governor Davis's E-Mail
Here is the governor's e-mail for those who want to e-mail him for what he is not doing as he promised. 
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