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Lil Wildflower's Whispering Leaves
New Page Title | Native American Indian Prison Art Some legal friends and myself have put together what you will read below for all prisoners. Shortly we will be done with the website for all to see. We will be displaying all types of Prison Art, not just Native American Indian Prison Art, but for all prisoners who are interested in displaying their art for sale here in the free world. The monies will be sent directly to the prisoner via U.S. Money Order. This was born from my husband and I to make sure that all those wonderful talented human beings get the public knowledge of their much deserved talents. If interested or if you know someone that is interested have them e-mail me at or write me as follows Roberta Robles P.O. Box 3254 Orange, Ca. 92867-0254 Walk in Harmony, Lil Wildflower | New Page Title | New Page Title | New Page Title | New Page Title | About Me | Vacation Photo Album | My Resume | Favorite Links | Contact Me

When Will It End?
Last year at R.J. Donavan Prison, the correctional officers destroyed the Inipi(Sweat Lodge) of our people. Now in the prison at Tehachapi, they will not allow our people to have their Inipi. When Will It End? In Mule Creek some of the officers have taken and destroyed the sacred items our people use when praying to the Creator, such as sages to cleanse ones body, taking of Eagle Feathers that are very sacred to our people, again I ask, When Will It Stop?
How much must we as ALL human beings allow to happen before we say enough is enough? It is time, time to come together for all the Creators children and say enough is enough.
Walk in Peace and Harmony,
Lil Wildflower


My name is Roberta "Lil Wildflower" Robles. I am a Cherokee Indian sister fighting for the injustices of not only my people, but all people imprisoned here on Mother Earth.
Lil Wildflowers Whispering Leaves is a Newsletter that I put out for our people. I also run an organization called C.A.T.S., CALIFORNIANS 2 AMEND 3 STRIKES. Our website is please visit us there also.
Walk in Peace & Harmony
"One does not sell the earth
Upon which the people walk"
Crazy Horse

I started this Newsletter after seeing what my husband Mucsuss and so many were going through within the Iron Houses, not only in California but Nationwide. I felt that the Native American Indian brothers needed many voices, so that is how this paper was born. We address all issues of prisons but must address mainly issues like Religious Freedom Rights for our people, wrongful incarceration (STILL) of brothers Leonard Peltier and Standing Deer and so many others. UNITY is a key word and we must educate the world about ALL wrongful incarcerations.
If you are interested in obtaining a subscription to our Newsletter, Whispering Leaves it is $15.00 per year for the free world people, and $5.00 per year for the prisoners. We regret that we have to charge anything but this is put out from our hearts and we have no funding either. This is put out on a quarterly basis.
You can e-mail me privately at
Walk with the Creator
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
Lil Wildflower

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What's New?
Kevin & Dan Costner are once again going to continue building the dormant Deadwood Resort in the Sacred Black Dakota Hills. This started again on 12/17/99. The Dakota Black Hills have always been sacred to our Sioux brothers and sisters and to all our people. This the Costners know. As Kevin said when he came to make the movie, Dances With Wolves" "I did not come here to make friends, I do not intend to reinvent history either. My actions will speak louder thaan my words. I will treat you people like I want to be treated myself. That's it.
You are absolutely right Kevin, THAT IS IT!! You have asked for it, you speak with a fork tongue. Daniel Costner's quote in February,1995, "The fact that the Sioux consider it (Black Hills) sacred is fine, but that's their problem" end of quote. This goes on and on, but keep your eyes open to this and we will be putting out a petition to BOYCOTT KEVIN COSTNER. Contact Senators, Assemblypersons in South Dakota do not let them do this to the Sacred Black Hills.
Walk in Harmony
Lil Wildflower

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