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C.A.T.S. CALIFORNIANS 2 AMEND 3 STRIKES is an organization that is dedicated to amending the three-strike law to do what it was intended to do, that is putting the violent/and or serious offenders in prison.  Since its passing on 3/7/94 it has put anyone who has ever been convicted of or plead to "any" felony in prison for 25 years to life.  

This is not what the voter was led to believe when this law was first enacted.  People are being sent to prison for 25 years to life, not on what they have been arrested for, but for their past.  Such as petty theft, an attempt to posses an "imitation controlled substance" -  a macadamia nut, convicted of "an attempt to posses roc cocaine" -  evidence a macadamia nut, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, bouncing ones "own" check.   Yet a man who beats his mother to death with a metal object because she is dying of cancer may not go to prison at all.  We the taxpayers are paying upwards of $40,000 a year plus to keep non-violent and non-serious offenders in prison, and a MURDERER or CHILD MOLESTER does LESS time.   

On top of all this the Department of Corrections is now violating even religious rights by making all inmates cut their hair.  The Department of Corrections also wants all family members to buy anything that the family may wish to send to their loved ones from "their" stores.  We all know that the prison industrial complex is the biggest money making business in California.  We of California will soon be bankrupt, young adults will no longer be able to have all the books they need for an education.  California is fast becoming The Prison State.  We must let the political powers know that this is not what we voted for.  We must amend SB 2048 to deal with the serious and/or violent offenders, not the minor offenders, not a person that has not been in trouble for 1,2, 5 or 10 years.   

This law must be amended or we will be locking up anyone who has plead to or been convicted of "any" felony, even if it happened as a juvenile.  We need your help to amend a law that borders on double jeopardy.  They did the crime before and they did their time but they are being sent to prison for 25 years to life on their "past."  Will you help?  If so call or e-mail us.  Thank you.  


Michael's 25 year sentence vacated - On 9/3/99 we received the opinion and decision from the Judge in our Writ of Haebus which we were in court for a week and a half ago. 25 YEARS TO LIFE VACATED. Yes his sentence was vacated and we go back to court on 9/10/99 which is Judge Nancy Stock, 9th Floor Div. 31, in Santa Ana, Ca. 700 Civic Center Drive, for those who may wish to attend. This is a VICTORY for ALL Strikers because as far as I know this has never happened before. Michael and I give all the praise and the glory to Grandfather the Creator, for this is HIS VICTORY, we are only passengers in this vehicle that HE is driving. Yes we have a Victory. They could have given us back the 9 year offer, but the Judge vacated the 25 to life she stated this sentence was an "infinity", so we are in the Creator's hands and we will know what he has in store for us on 9/10/99. Our prayers to all of you and our deepest heartfelt thanks for all the love, prayers and support we have had over these last 3 years. Thank you from our heart and may Grandfather the Creator continue to bless each and every one of you as well as us. Love, Prayers and Respect, Michael "Mucsuss" & Roberta "Lil Wildflower" Robles Founders of CALIFORNIANS 2 AMEND 3 STRIKES (C.A.T.S) "May the Creator walk with each and every one of you as you travel this pathe you are on"

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Brother Evans - Brother Evans is the Los Angeles Chairperson for C.A.T.S. He is a dedicated human being to all injustices. He was recently honored in Texas with the Medgar Evers award, and we are proud to have him with our organization.


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You can reach us through the methods listed below.  We look forward to hearing from you  

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2729 N. Bristol B5-112,Santa Ana, Ca 92706
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Webmaster: ianthebeth@cs.com
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Here is the governor's e-mail for those who want to e-mail him for what he is not doing as he promised. GDavis@Gray-Davis.com 
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